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Cocking to Explode onto the Small Screen

Cowdray Estate has informed the Parish Council that filming that will take place in the Cocking Chalk Quarry over night from the 24th – 25th August.

The Estate has granted permission to a BBC production company to film a scene from the second series of a successful TV programme. There will be two days of preparations, one night of filming and one day to pack down.

The Estate have told us that previous night-time filming in the Quarry has gone largely unnoticed, but that this production involves noise from simulated explosions. As with all film productions, there is a huge amount of preparation time before each take followed by a few seconds of action, and so they envisage that the noise will be kept to very short periods of time.

They are publicising the news to the people of Cocking so there are no surprises on the night and the film crew will be notifying local authorities and the Police and Cowdray having already consulted in person with those neighbouring the site, who are all supportive.

As a side note, the Estate actually promotes the Cocking Quarry site as a location for photo shoots and filming via its website at

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