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Local government for West Sussex parishes is organised into three tiers

  1. Parish Councils (e.g. Cocking Parish Council)
  2. The District Council – Chichester District Council
  3. The County Council – West Sussex District Council

Chichester District Council, based unsurprisingly in Chichester, provides many local services
although West Sussex County Council also provides its own range.

District councillors regularly attend Cocking Parish Council meetings and provide updates on the work of the District Council.

Council Newsletters

Initiatives is a full colour publication produced three times a year by the District Council and delivered across the District to homes, residential blocks and businesses.

It provides information on Council services and keeps its readers informed of what is going on in their Local Authority.

The latest issue of initiatives is also available online in Portable Document format and the Council also publishes a monthly email newsletter called Initiatives+ to anyone who wants to sign up.

Chichester District Council website | Initiatives | Sign up to Initiatives+

Last updated: 02 August 2023

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