Cocking Councillors Returned Uncontested

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Parish Council Elections – 2 May 2019

Below you will find a copy of the Statement of Persons Nominated showing particulars of the persons who were validly nominated for Cocking Parish Council when the receipt of nominations closed at 4pm on 4th April.

2019 04 04 Cocking SOPN

As you will see the number of candidates is lower than the number of vacancies to be filled and therefore all will be declared to be elected as unopposed and it will not be necessary to hold an election for your Parish as shown on the Notice of Uncontested Election, which is also attached below.

2019 05 02 Cocking Uncontested Notice

Although there are insufficient candidates for an election, a quorum has been achieved (3 councillors or one third of the total seats, whichever is the greater).

Legislation now requires that the Parish Council shall co-opt qualified people to fill the remaining seats. This should normally be done at the first meeting of the Parish Council but MUST be done within seven weeks of the 7 May 2019. If the vacancies have not been filled within that seven week period then it will be necessary to set a date for a further election to fill those vacancies. The full cost of such election would then have to be paid by the Parish Council.

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