Since 1st July 2015, Parish and Town Councils with a turnover of less than £25,000 have been required, in the interest of transparency, to publish certain information on their websites e.g. details of Expenditure, Annual Returns and Asset Registers.  By publishing this information they also avoid the need to have their accounts externally audited.

In the table below you will find the 'transparency information' published by Cocking Parish Council in accordance with the relevant code.  You can click on the links to open the documents in a new browser tab or window, where you can read, print or download them as 'pdf' files.

If you want to learn about the Council's meetings i.e. agendas and minutes, please read the Council Meetings page.

Date Description and link to document
27/11/2020 Notice of Conclusion of Audit of Accounts to 31/03/2020
03/07/2020 Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2019-2020 Sections 1 and 2
31/03/2010 2019-2020 Final Income and Expenditure Report
31/03/2020 Internal Audit Report 2019-2020
05/10/2019 Notice of Conclusion of Audit of Accounts to 31/03/2019
03/09/2019 Annual Return 2018/2019 External Auditor's Report and Certificate
08/05/2019 Annual Governance Statement & Audit Report 2019
03/10/2018 Notice of Conclusion of Audit  of Accounts to 31/03/2018
31/03/2018 Unaudited Annual Governance & Accountability Return
31/03/2018 Asset Register at 31/03/2018
2017-2018 Risk Assessment for 2017/2018
2016/2017 External Auditor's Report and Certificate 2016/2017
2016/2017 Notice of Conclusion of Audit 31/03/2017
31/03/2017 Internal Audit Report 2016-2017
28/02/2017 Asset Register at 28/02/2017
2016-2017 Risk Assessment 2016/2017
2016 Standing Orders 2016
2015/2016 Notice of Conclusion of Audit at 02/12/2016
2015/2016 Annual Return 31/03/2016
2015/2016 Internal Audit Report y/e 31/05/2016
2015/2016 Risk Assessment 2015/2016
2015/2016 Asset Register at 31/03/2016
2015/2016 CPC Standing Orders 2016
2015/2016 Financial Regulations 2016
2014/2015 Combined Annual Returns for 2014/2015