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Parish Meeting 2005

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The Parish Council held a well-attended annual meeting with 36 parishioners present in the Church on 12th May. The Chairman, Miss Frances Russell, reviewed the activity of the previous year and there were reports on the Sports Field (Mr Brian Kemp), Cocking History Column (Mrs Juliet Kay), Children's Playground (Mrs Betty Birch) and the Annual Accounts (Mrs Gwen Miles, Clerk to Cocking Parish Council).

The main topic of discussion for the evening was the proposal to investigate options for a successor to the current Sports Pavilion. Miss Russell explained that having received a report stating that the existing wooden building had reached the end of its useful life, the Council had sought the views of parishioners through a survey. The 25% response rate, high for this type of survey, included replies from only a handful of respondents against the principle of a replacement facility.

Miss Russell said that she had received numerous offers of help and that there was the strong possibility of substantial grant aid as long as any resulting project showed local commitment, including some financial commitment.

Parishioners raised a variety of views from the floor with the options of a new wooden building on the existing site, use of the Church and also Manor Farm Barn being raised. The overwhelming consensus was that further work should be undertaken to examine options and costs before consulting the village again.Following the meeting, refreshments were served and the discussion continued informally for some time.

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