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Olympic Torch Relay Visits Midhurst

Written by The Editor on .

 Olympic Torch Bearer

Hundreds of local people turned out in predictably wet conditions to greet the Olympic torch as it passed through Midhust from Rogate on its way to Petworth.

The weather didn't seem to have dampened spirits unduly and the crowd waited patiently in the drizzle, displaying tradional British stoicism.  A few flags were sold in the run up (to be waved at the appropriate time) and local cafes probably also did well; a small element of the financial legacy of the Olympics perhaps.

After various sponsor floats and a girl in green on roller skates who set off police sirens whenever she got the chance, an impressive police turnout in cars, vans and on motorcycles heralded the arrival of the Olympic Flame.  Having been borne down North Street, the Torch was passed on in a handover and relighting operation at the traffic lights opposite Capron House.

As the next leg of the relay set off, the crowds in North Street dispersed quite rapidly as the rain was getting heavier; the Olympic flame however still burned brightly.

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