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Sadly, our Annual Meeting of Electors planned for the 16th April, at which we were due to welcome the local Police Sergeant, is cancelled, for reasons familiar to all. We will hopefully welcome them on another occasion.

You may have noticed changes to the appearance of

The content hasn't changed a lot, but in common with other public bodies, we are working to make our website more 'accessible'.  This means that anyone should be able to enjoy the site regardless of their eyesight or other issues and make use of aids such as screen readers.

To date we have

  • Tested all pages for potential problems and for clarity
  • Adjusted the content where issues were found
  • Simplified the page format to make it clearer
  • Added controls to the top of all pages that allow users to change contrast, display width and text size
  • Issued an Accessibility Statement under the heading of Accessibility in the About menu

Our aim is to maintain the site so that it conforms as far as possible to the Web Content Accessibility Group (WCAG)'s Standard 2.1 at the AA level.  Some changes will be outside of our scope due to cost and complexity, but the site is now accessible at a good standard.

Moreover, from now on, new content will be designed to maintain or, where possible, improve our level of conformity and the site will be monitored to ensure that this remains the case.

This is not a 'one off', but rather than an ongoing process.  So be prepared for more changes to come.