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Letter to Cocking from Scottish & Southern Energy

Written by The Editor on .

As anyone in Cocking on Thursday 28th will remember, the power outage lasted somewhat longer than planned.  Some took advantage of the enforced gloom to light candles and there are even reports of increased levels of alcohol consumption in some areas.  However there is no doubt that the level of disruption was higher than expected and Scottish & Southern Energy have accordingly sent the attached thoughtful letter to the village.

It is good to know that Cocking now has an improved electricity supply and that thanks to the sterling work done by SSE we may now be safe against lightning striking in the same place twice.

Note: Click on the image below to open an enlarged version if required.

20130628 Scottish and Southern Letter

Electricity Interruption

Written by The Editor on .

As local residents already know via a letter from SSE Power Distribution, the Company are temporarily interrupting the electricity supply to Cocking on Thursday 27th June 2013, between 08:00 and 17:00.

The outage sounds major with domestic and commercial premises both being affected throughout the village.

Cocking Post Village Stores inform us that the shop will be open on the 27th, but that regrettably they will be unable to undertake Post Office business on that day.

Cocking Prepares for Cuts

Written by The Editor on .

Generator at the GarageWhile local residents were boiling kettles in the expectation that the power would be cut after breakfast, local businesses were preparing for a day of power interruptions.  The picture shows a generator being set up at Milestone Garage to allow work to continue during the day.

Orange Update

Written by The Editor on .

OrangesHaving written to Orange while the long outage was under way, had a phone call from a representative of EE earlier today.

The gentleman who called was not able to answer all our questions, but he did say that the outage was caused by a technical problem with the antenna.  He added that he was unaware of any contractual dispute relating to the Cocking Hill site and had been informed that while temporary repairs had been made to restore the service, a longer term solution was needed and should take place within about a month.

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