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Olympic Torch Relay Visits Midhurst

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 Olympic Torch Bearer

Hundreds of local people turned out in predictably wet conditions to greet the Olympic torch as it passed through Midhust from Rogate on its way to Petworth.

The weather didn't seem to have dampened spirits unduly and the crowd waited patiently in the drizzle, displaying tradional British stoicism.  A few flags were sold in the run up (to be waved at the appropriate time) and local cafes probably also did well; a small element of the financial legacy of the Olympics perhaps.

After various sponsor floats and a girl in green on roller skates who set off police sirens whenever she got the chance, an impressive police turnout in cars, vans and on motorcycles heralded the arrival of the Olympic Flame.  Having been borne down North Street, the Torch was passed on in a handover and relighting operation at the traffic lights opposite Capron House.

As the next leg of the relay set off, the crowds in North Street dispersed quite rapidly as the rain was getting heavier; the Olympic flame however still burned brightly.

Progress on Better Broadband

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West Sussex Better Broadband Logo (new)The project to bring better, faster broadband to all of West Sussex is progressing. The Government has now committed funding of £6.26million for this major project; the same amount that West Sussex County Council has ear marked. Private sector funding to match the total public investment and build the necessary technological infrastructure is now being sought.

You have until the end of June to register your demand for improved broadband services to encourage telecommunications suppliers to investment in the county. If you haven't already done so, please consider signing up for better, faster broadband and pass on the message or a link to this page to your circle of contacts.

If you run a business in the county you can sign up for news and information relevant to your broadband needs.

Further information on the Broadband project can be found by clicking on the new logo above.

Make a Date with the Olympic Torch

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Olympic Torch Relay Route Map

On 10th May, the Olympic flame was lit by the rays of the sun on Mount Olympus.  What a good thing they did it in Greece rather than the UK.

Following a tour of Greece and a flight to the UK the flame has been transferred to the first of many torches travelling around the UK as part of the Torch Relay. The 70-day journey has already started out from Land's End and will arrive at the Olympic Stadium in Stratford for the opening ceremony on 27th July.

The torch will be carried on its way by 8,000 torch bearers and will visit 1,019 communities, large and small. At its closest point to Cocking, the torch will be passing through Midhurst  on  Monday 16th July, travelling from west to east having visited Rogate before heading off to Petworth and Chichester.

The map above shows the route the torch will take through Midhurst (from S to F).  The torch should set out from the start point (S) at 9.36 a.m.

So if you want to wish the torch on its way, set a date in your diary.  For further details go to the Official London 2012 website or click on the map itself.

Sign up for Better Broadband (Again)

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Better Broadband

You have yet another chance to express your views on the poor state of rural broadband by signing up to the West Sussex Better Connected campaign.

The District Council is urging residents and businesses to register their need for faster broadband and show their demand to suppliers. They are aiming to provide internet access to everyone in the county while also looking into offering superfast broadband services to 90 per cent of West Sussex homes and businesses by April 2015.   They say you can help by signing-up online at or by completing a form at a nearby library.  Registering does not commit you to any new services.

WSCC Better Connected Logo

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