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Sunny Day for Elections

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Village Hall as Polling Station

Polling in the County Council Election got off to a sunny start from 7 am today at Cocking Village Hall.  Two very pleasant officials were on hand, but as usual they were far from overwhelmed by the number of voters calling on them.  At 9 am your Editor and wife were one of only two couples casting their votes.

Nevertheless the democratic process was under way and the poll closes at 10pm giving plenty of time for a good turnout.

Low Turnout, but Police Commissioner Elected

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Sussex Police Helmet

The last Cocking Parish Council By-Election attracted a record turnout of 49% of our electorate, but this week's Police & Crime Commissioner Election was not as well supported.

Across Sussex, the turnout was only about 15%. Nevertheless we now have a new Commissioner in Katy Bourne, Conservative Party candidate, District Councillor and business woman.  Katy beat her nearest rival, Labour's Godfrey Daniel in the 'second round' by 80,028 to 55,602 votes including voters' second preferences.  The three other candidates were eliminated in the first round of voting.

Chichester Local Plan Consultation

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The District Council is going out to Public Consultation on its Local Plan – Preferred Options in March or April of this year.  Although the Plan itself does not cover the National Park area in which we live, it will inevitably affect us all and therefore you may find the attached article interesting.

Cheaper Heating?

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Oil Tank

As anyone living in the village will know, Cocking does not have a mains gas supply and consequently the choice of heating fuel is somewhat limited.  Heating oil is a common fuel choice, but it has always been rather expensive and the oil price has always been liable to fluctuations - See our indicative Oil Price Watch Graph.

Not being mains supplied, oil also presents delivery and storage problems.  The historically high price has also led to a rise in the incidence of oil theft, especially in rural areas.

So there is plenty to think about and options you many not have thought about, such as buying syndicates.

Well help may be at hand, because as part of "BIG ENERGY SAVING WEEK 2012 *", Action in Rural Sussex is holding two events in the Chichester District and the first is to be held in Cocking.



Wednesday 24th October 2012
Cocking Village Hall, between 4pm and 7pm.

  • Hear about existing oil buying syndicates and schemes
  • Find out how your community could start a scheme
  • Get safety information about dealing with oil container leaks
  • Find out the most up to date information about oil theft and how to tackle this
  • Get information about the different providers and suppliers, so you can
  • Make an informed choice for your household or parish

* Big Energy Saving Week, an initiative of the Energy Saving Trust, Citizens' Advice Bureau, Government, Industry and charities, runs from 22 - 27 October

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