Do I need any special computer settings to use the website?

Generally, no.

You can use a PC or a Mac loaded with an up-to-date version of any popular browser. such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Opera.  All should work perfectly well, but the way they display pages may differ slightly. For security and usability, we would advise you to use the latest version of your preferred browser and ensure that you keep it up to date using the downloads provided by its publishers.

If your browser, or any other software you have installed, blocks popups to prevent annoying advertisements, you may need to alter the settings to allow a few agreeable popups from this site.

Cocking.org uses JavaScript. You can safely treat it as a trusted site and allow active content.

We avoid using Flash graphics for compatibility with Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods.  Linked sites may however may still use Flash and you will need a PC/Mac browser plugin to view that content. Apple 'i' devices still continue to block Flash, but our site is 'responsive' and should still look fine (although sometimes a little different) when viewed with a tablet or smartphone.

It is almost essential nowadays to use Broadband to view the site as we try to provide good-sized interesting images that may take a time to load over slow connections.

To check your connection speed, see the Broadband Speed checker page under Menu Item: Plus > Broadband Speed.

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